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Design Portfolio

This page offers an overview of the designs I have created for clients as well as a selection of autonomous work I have developed as an Interaction Designer 


As a designer I have always been fascinated with the (dis)connection between mankind and their technological extensions. It is a relationship I continuously seek to research, question, hypothesize and visualise and share with an audience by means of:

  • Interactive installations

  • Performances

  • Product Design

  • Film & animation

  • Visual Design such as:

    • Posters

    • Data Visualisations

    • Books

    • Identities

    • Web Design

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 A modern-day altar symbolising the near religious relationship we have developed with our technology. A love/hate letter to my iPhone.  

The catalog's design is developed by running each individual thesis through a coded script. The result is a collection of unique patterns and colours, reflecting each student's individual styles, talents and vision and the power of combining these forces. 

'Conductive Ritual' is designed to establish a new relationship between humans and their technological extensions based on symbiosis; where the one cannot live without the other and there is a mutual state of respect over dominance.

With the rapid evolution of technology, terms such as 'swiping' and 'scrolling' may become extinct. 'Gestures' is a series of intuitive and toy-like objects designed to mimic and capture the gestures we use(d) to interact with our phones in 2015. 

“Supermodernity” has changed our perception of time, space and the way in which we interact with our surroundings. How will we survive as modern nomads traveling from one temporary (non-)place the next? 

During my employment at Studio Mockingbird I had the pleasure of creating the design of the studio's branding and identity: from the business cards to the website and even a super handy and fun week planner. 

A collection of posters, logo's and designs I have created for  friends and clients such as: Filmerds, FDFA, Cassandra Onck, Gieling Consultancy, Rosine Langbroek and Floor Thissen

I translated Cees Holtkamp's famous recipe for lemon meringue pie into a 'plug-and-play' musical piece of audio recordings. 

I had the honor of designing the identity and branding for performance artist Bart Merks using his own mesmerizing photography.


Merel Raven and I developed our own 'glitch-technique' with a Kinect and open-source software to create a short film that portrays the mental struggle of someone suffering from a dissociative identity disorder.

'The Evolution of Resolution' is an infographic of glitched imagery created by altering the files of recordings of a scanner scanning a white piece of paper at different resolutions. The film is a result of a workshop by glitch artist Rosa Menkman.

I created an interactive projection for music-theatre graduate, Rosine LangbroekThe dynamic lines represented the tiled grid of a swimming pool for her graduation show 'In Line'. 

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